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This item has not been rated yet. Fin, the director of a Psychiatric Emergency Service, must capture 16 year old Kim's psychotic and sadistic father. Her father is a psychiatrist specializing in hypnosis whom Fin suspects to be possessed. Fin must break through all the brainwashing and hypnotic commands before her father kills Kim or pushes her to suicide At the same time a busload of Fin's bad karma pulls into Jersey City and the first ones off the bus are five teenagers who have been decapitated, castrated and eaten alive by a clinical Lycanthrope -a fabled werewolf.

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    Although originally Lycans could only transform at the full moon, it is explained that the older a Lycan becomes in age, the more control they can exert over their transformation, to the point that they can change at will, possessing full mental control of their wolf form. In their wolf form, Lycans also have access to powerful jaws and razor-sharp fangs and claws, making them deadly close-quarters combatants.

    Generation-wise, the further one is from William, the first Werewolf, the weaker a Lycan becomes.

    Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being (Explicit)

    Lucian was born to an unknown captive female Werewolf who was likely pregnant when she was turned and thus passed the werewolf gene onto the growing fetus. Born in human form, Lucian's Vampire owner, Viktor, initially intended to slay the infant, but decided against it when he saw in Lucian the possibility of creating a new race of slaves - a new breed of Werewolf: Lycans.

    Viktor slew Lucian's mother and had him branded with Viktor's mark, then raised him as his own personal pet. Lucian rose to become the Lycan commander under Viktor's command. Though most likely physically weaker than first-generation Werewolves, Lucian possesses abilities superior to any descended from himself and can transform at will, unlike William Corvinus and his first-generation Werewolves.

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    He possessed strength similar to his predecessors and a focus unknown to his violent werewolf kin. Though it took a hundred years before he could channel his rage enough to trigger the change. Despite this, by the time of Underworld , he is shown to possess an ability never seen in other Lycans: when he is shot with silver bullets, he is able to expel them from his body by forcing the transformation.

    He first expels silver from his body after Viktor kills his lover, Sonja; in a rage, Lucian expels silver bolts that were meant to prevent his transformation to lupine form. Although other Lycans die immediately after being shot with silver nitrate rounds, which release fatal amounts of silver directly into a Lycan's bloodstream, Lucian survives for several minutes, long enough to convince Selene to infect Michael Corvin with Vampirism. Theoretically, Lucian has developed a resistance to silver over the centuries due to greater exposure than his compatriots, similar to how humans can develop a tolerance to arsenic over time.

    Similarly, Lucian's status as the First Lycan may give him a genetic metamorphic advantage over his descendants which affords him limited resistance to silver. Lucian, like William, fits into neither the first nor second generation of Werewolves. But given that he is a unique specimen, he doesn't warrant his own generation because he is the only known one to have lived. It is theorized that Lucian was born human and is able to transform back to human form because his mother was already pregnant with him when she was turned, so he did not inherit the full Werewolf gene.

    A Lycan transforming in Underworld: Blood Wars. These are modern Lycans descended from Lucian. Being born in human form and less animalistic than the first generation, Viktor forced Lucian to propagate more of this type.

    In Defense of 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,' The Greatest Movie Ever Made

    The form of virus carried by Lucian was spread to humans, creating a large group of Lycans capable of taking both human and wolf form. Due to their scent, first-generation Werewolves seem to recognize them as their kind rather than human beings, even when in human form.

    Lower Lycans in Underworld: Awakening. Those who have been Lycans for several centuries have learned to transform at will regardless of the moon, as they have learned to channel their rage. They resemble first-generation Werewolves, but their faces are shorter, and the least wolf-like in appearance. They also have far less fur than the earlier Werewolves.

    They are mostly hairless, aside from a thin mane of fur running down the center of their backs, with the exception of Lucian, who has the same amount of fur that first-generation Werewolves sport at least in the first 3 movies. In Underworld: Endless War , Lycans have fur all over their bodies except the face and ears. After the first purge , some of the surviving second-generation Lycans went into hiding, and without feeding they became weaker, hairless and skinnier in appearance. Later, he started to inject himself with the Strain although he was only at the start of the treatment. This new type of Lycan is physically far larger and stronger than any previous generation, William and Lucian included.

    In addition, Lycans of this generation possess at least a partial immunity to silver, allowing them to be shot and stabbed with weapons made of silver without major consequences and heal almost instantly. Later, using the blood of Michael Corvin , the new Lycan leader Marius turned himself into an immensely powerful Lycan-Corvinus Strain Hybrid, but he required the blood of Eve to cement his transformation and occasionally had to drink small vials of Michael's blood to keep his transformation intact.

    He was killed by Selene after she received enhanced powers from the Nordic Coven. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It was only these later generations that learned to channel their rage. Contents [ show ]. Underworld series. Underworld: Evolution. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

    Underworld: Awakening. Underworld: Blood Wars. Blood Enemy. Underworld: Endless War. Underworld: The Eternal War. Underworld card game. Lovec wrote Lovec wrote:i was under impresion that they are faster than lycan in human form but slower than lycan when he changes. I was asking origi Also how was Marius able to tank so many bullets in blood wars when Michael nearly dies from getting shot up at the beginning of evolutio Categories :. Disgusting though your brethren may be, they, at least, are evolved. They are born of beasts! And the savagery of this despicable fact cannot be bred away!

    Viktor would use Lucian's infectious blood to his benefit, taking advantage of the child's thirst, pitting it against him as he was forced to feed off humans: Viktor's slaves.