In the Name of the Father

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Gerry and Paul Hill are placed in a London squat inhabited by hippies in a happy, psychedelic dope haze. As a reporter, I covered the big London squatting cases in the mids — in Euston, Hackney, Finsbury Park and, the most famous of the lot, Elgin Avenue. These were people who often had jobs, who tried to improve the property rather than burn the floorboards for heat and who often considered themselves as part of a wider political and communal statement.

Here the simple equation dissolves into parody: squat equals hippie equals dope equals brainless. At a stroke, Conlon can turn his back not only on this man becoming a monster, but on all that he stands for. The film does convey a sense of the iniquities of the British criminal justice system, although the brunt of the attack falls most directly on cynical and corrupt policemen.

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In fictional film there can be no dissent from the view that the facts should not get in the way of a good story although the myriad absurdities in the court scenes, straight out of LA Law, are inexcusable. But In the Name of the Father regrettably also plays fast and loose with the context of an event that not only retains a high profile in the public mind, but is actually still the subject of a judicial inquiry by Sir John May.

Its significance, in an understanding of the relationship between Britain and Ireland, is too important for it to be a backdrop for a father-and-son drama. And yet. That may not be how the punters, seeking entertainment, view it. By all accounts, its core message, that a great miscarriage of justice was perpetrated on four innocent people, will linger.

And we all know the impact of the movies.

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For it raises, yet again, for film-makers and story-tellers all, the problem of how to deal with a political event, The Troubles, which is so central to the fabric of British politics and yet so ignored. Aug 01, Susan MW rated it it was amazing.

In the name of the father: How the Cruyff legacy hampered Jordi's career

Excellent book, but it was infuriating to read about this awful miscarriage of justice. The movie was fantastic with a great cast. One of the Guildford Four describes the miscarriage of justice that led to their imprisonment over bombing of hotel in Guildford. Interesting and insightful.

Jan 22, John Steele rated it really liked it. Astonishing and heart breaking. A gripping true story about a significant miscarriage of justice and the brutality of the English prison system. Mar 04, Micky Lee rated it really liked it. Aug 15, Marcelo rated it it was amazing. Beautiful and touchy, yet inspiring and sometimes revolting. Dec 06, Toni rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This true story is very powerful reading. It is unbelievable that is is all true - and so shocking because of that. The author describes his life honestly, as a teenager and young adult he strayed from the track. But as he describes his surrounds, the poverty and he culture of the time the reader can see why he makes the decisions he does. However as his arrest is described and his subsequent gaol sentence it all becomes surreal. The reader can feel themselves in Gerry's mind, feel the pain he h This true story is very powerful reading.

The reader can feel themselves in Gerry's mind, feel the pain he has inflicted on him physically and and mentally.

In the name of the father

The sense of sadness is though out the book, but it is a story that has to be finished. It is extremely satisfying to read but the disbelief and hollowness that this could happen is quite upsetting. Also the fact that no one in the British system involved with the false evidence, the beatings etc, no one has ever been charged.

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Amazing and wrong - sad too that Gerry died so young at age 60, but. It surprised to hear he kept campaigning for innocent prisoners long after his release and up until his death. My copy of the book was a tatty well read old paper back - worth the 50 cents I paid! Jul 08, Agatha rated it really liked it. Although one may know the story of Gerry Conlon of the Guildord Four from the movie, this memoir is worth the read.

Conlon's depiction of his arrest and interrogation was heart-wrenching. His account of the 13 years he was in "gaol" was an eye-opener from one who likes to see things through rose-colored glasses.

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The corruption of the British legal system in the 70's was painted well through Conlon's experience. This story of an unbelievable miscarriage of justice left me astounded. Thank goodnes Although one may know the story of Gerry Conlon of the Guildord Four from the movie, this memoir is worth the read.

Thank goodness for his "quashed" verdict in the end! Because if not for the long overdue release of Conlon after years in prison for a crime he did not commit, I'd be left feeling jaded.

In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Mother - Léann Herlihy

Oct 01, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: it-happened-way-back-when , they-re-movies-too. The English government didn't know who to arrest, so they arrested anyone they could use as a scapegoat. It's a tragic story of a young man's youth taken away from him because of time spent in prison for something he didn't do. It's mainly his experience, though he didn't suffer alone. His friends and members of his family were also arrested and sent to prison, when they were completely innocent.

Mar 08, Libra rated it it was amazing Shelves: twentieth-century , bookclub-circle-of-books. Gerry Conlon's biography of life and what happened when he was in the wrong place and the wrong time is unbelievable.

All Must Take upon Them the Name Given of the Father

It is gut-wretching and hard not to shed tears for a man and his family going through all this. I just kept thinking this manipulation and physical abuse police brutality is exactly like scenes depicted in George Orwell's "" except his story is real. After reading the book, I'm glad he began his story with his prologue.

follow site It makes reading the darkness more bearable. The book is absolutely outstanding though it is hard to read because of the candid descriptions of violence that had been caused to the innocent people in jail and to their families. Fifteen years of jail for nothing and it could have been life sentences if not the relatives and people who believed. And you keep thinking of how many innocent people are still there behind the bars Jun 27, Gerry rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , awlb-challenge Not the best writing, and definitely would have benefited from some judicious editing.

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But still, Conlon's story is a heartbreaking tale of injustice that is well worth the time I spent reading it. In light of this story and recent publicity about over-reaching or downright brutal police actions in the US, it becomes harder and harder to feel any confidence in the justice system. Byrne served as executive producer. Jim Sheridan and Terry George wrote the screenplay. It gave Day-Lewis another opportunity to get inside the skin of a sympathetic character after his powerful performance as the disabled Dublin artist Christy Brown.

Bono & Gavin Friday - In The Name Of The Father

In preparation for his role, Day-Lewis lost thirty pounds and spent several nights in the jail cell on the set as crew members threw water over him and verbally abused him. He also submitted himself to twelve hours of interrogation by a team of real detectives. Daniel kept his Northern Irish accent on and off the set for the entire shooting schedule. During casting the U2 singer Bono was offered the role of Paul Hill but his busy touring schedule prevented him from accepting. The bulk of the filming took place in Kilmainham Jail with Ringsend and Sheriff Street in Dublin doubling as working class areas of Belfast.

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