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Collectors of various editions from the s might be interested in variations in printers, for example. The prices that such copies attract are not in the stratospheric ranges of the first editions that you sell but then not all collectors have such deep pockets. Best wishes, David. I think this is a post, pre print run, but not sure. Can you confirm any details? Or let me know where to search for information? The illustrations are in color.

It is a blue hard cover book. And The pic of the rabbit on cover seems to be have glued on? Possibly we not able to print this pic on a cover in that day and age? Hi Michelle, Our Selling Rare Books to Us form is a detailed breakdown of the information we require to make an offer or valuation. New York. Can you date this for me? Is it more valuable without pages? Another The Tale of Mrs. Sorry to disappoint you and thanks for getting in touch. Grace at Peter Harrington.

Hello, I have two, small red bound books each with two stories within.

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New York no Ltd. There are front pages and no pages appear to be missing. There are quite a few blank page breaks within both books. I have not been able to find any information on them.

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Thank You,. Would you be able to send some photographs on the binding, cover and title pages to kevin peterharrington. Many thanks, Grace at Peter Harrington. I have a copy of the tale of Peter Rabbit first edition, second printing in Feb It is in good condition and I was wondering if you could give any idea as to its value today. Our Selling Rare Books to Us form is a detailed breakdown of the information we require to make an offer or valuation. Hi Caroline, May I suggest you email kevin peterharrington.

He is our best placed expert on all matters Peter Rabbit! Cannot find anything about it. Please can you help thanks. I have two books both with their loose leaf covers. For example However, they do not have signatory to the Berne Convention under copyright and colour plates are on one side only. So they pre-date double sided colour printing. Are they of any value please.

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Thank you. If they have print codes and dust jackets, but predate the ISBN, they probably date from the s, s or s. It does say Shed Tears and it also says New York. It is Green Hard Cover and measures small like all the first editions. I have noticed it does not state the numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, for page numbers but and however and as I have collected many many upon many books in my life time, can say this about that!

Often in early times this was done as there was no need for those pages really needing to be marked as such. Secondly, it very well can be correct in this assumption as if the reader opens the book and tuns the very first page, they will have the very first none numbered page to the left of them but the very first page will be right in front of them and hence the reader is automatically on page one, than two and 3 after that, and so on and so forth.

And if this is done in such manner than pages one through to seven are indeed not missing at all!!! Just to give you a heads up on this matter of concern. If you were to ask of my expertise or experience in these matters? I can say of few things about my self. I am a collector and always have been to these sorts of things since a child, for one.

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Also Charles Dickens, 1st Ed. I also work with our Library of Congress to find many things I do not know and that as well has panned out for me many times regarding books and paintings and of such things. My Question is now, How much for this Book could I get??? Would you consider purchasing it from me? It does by the way have a Book cover I was able to find at a later date that I put on it.

The cover I got says on it but let this not fool you… PAT. I keep this book as well away from dust and sun light too!

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I also have these other copies by the same Author. The tale Of Mrs. Not ripped mind you but just taped and first two decorative pages missing that have B. Then and lastly I have ask, will you buy these from me??? At fair price??? I ask only because I am in need of money right now. Please let me know if you could help me!

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Fontaine U. Army Retired. Hello Grace, I am writing to ask about a complete set of The World Of Peter Rabbit incased in a cardboard box along with a white wooden bookstand that I found in cleaning my moms house after she passed away. The reason I am inquiring about this book set which was published in by F. I would like to give the set to my granddaughter but she is 2 yrs. I also know that the cardboard case that the books are in have the watercolor illustrations all around the box.

On the top it reads New editions from the original watercolors. If you could help in anyway as to the value of this set I would greatly appreciate any information you may be able to provide me with. Thank You very much for your time. Angela Dorsey. Best, Grace at Peter Harrington. Hi I have some Beatrix potter books not too sure on date would like to send u pictures to see if u would be able to date them for me? If you email photographs of the title page, cover and condition to mail peterharrington. Dormouse, colour illustration page 72 Sally Henny Penny in shop, colour illustration page 10,17,24,32,37,44,53,62,71, blank.

Some black printed picture pages, some 10 coloured pages with blank pages on reverse of the colour illustration page, No isbn, no date Printed for the Publishers by Edmund Evans, Ltd.. KInd Regards Mas. Hi Mas, If you could email photographs of the title page, cover and condition along with the information above to mail peterharrington. Hi there, Thanks for your comment.

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