The Great White Space

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UX or user expe. White space Pitfalls: What to Watch For Having too much white-space is like pole vaulting on the moon. What Are Your Thoughts? About Latest Posts. Sherice Jacob. Sherice Jacob helps website owners improve conversion rates with custom design, copywriting and website reviews. Get your free conversion checklist and web copy tune-up by visiting iElectrify.

3. Increased interaction rate

How can you make it so that all of your prospective customers really, really hate your website and in tu by Today's Eggspert Design. The Best Website Layouts for User Experience and Conversions Marketers seeking to dominate their respective niches should be focused on the best website layouts for maximum UX and conversions.

Comment by frohickey2 - October 15, am.

Comment by John ONeill - October 15, pm. Sounds eerie enough to me! Thanks for the rec! His reprinted stories are usually found in Lovecraftian-like anthologies. Comment by James McGlothlin - October 15, pm. Comment by Major Wootton - October 16, pm.

The Power Of Whitespace

A lot of Lovecraft pastiche rises to the level of fan fiction, but not much higher. Comment by John ONeill - October 18, pm. You must be logged in to post a comment. Just as fine china and crystal ware are out of place in a fish and chips or burger joint, so is elegant typography to a bargain basement, budget buyer.

Look at some of the home pages of successful Ebay sellers. Most are butt ugly with horrible type, colors, white space and so on, but they work for their buyers.

Importance of White space

Practical, useful knowledge applied to real-world examples in an interesting way. Some of them should read this. I enjoyed this article. I became aware of just how important whitespace can be when I began maintaining a brand standards website for a Fortune Company. They have very strict rules governing whitespace in their print media and websites, and I have seen how much of a design impact whitespace can have. This tripped up my little brain, and stopped the flow for quite a few seconds.

Fair enough, since this is an American site. The results have been great, and I look forward to the grand opening. The article is quite good. I have never seen an article about it so far. The right space between line increases the readability of a text a lot. Never even heard of Whitespace before reading your article but am glad I know about it now and how to use it effectively thanks to the great article your written. This is very helpful!

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This is a subject I am always talking to students about in my desktop publishing, yearbook, and Web design courses. I plan on having them read your article to reinforce my message. Also the illustrations will be great as a visual representation on the importance of white space. Thank you! I was especially surprised to find that people actively want their designs to look cheap.

What is white space? Why you need white space in your layouts - Design Basics #03

Perhaps this article can help convince a few of the more stubborn ones…. As one commenter said, whitespace is not often discussed yet is very important and can make things look bad when there is too much or not enough of it.

Cheers Beth. Whilst your examples are aesthetically pleasing sometimes the guidelines are cast away and dictated by the product and the audience, the desire for a masculine as apposed to a feminine approach. Neither were particularly cheap, both were very legible and yet flew in the face of good design, layout and spacial awareness. Get the message across asap! Great and informative article.

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I am a developer at a data based marketing firm whose bulk business comes from our in-house PURl application. We run small to large campagins with personalized cards and landing pages, and our staff is often in charge of designing the cards and landing pages for our clients. Our response rates from split testing with clients reluctant to go a new, cleaner design route only underline the efficacy of the approach…less is more. It all comes down to clear message and good data.

We have 4 seconds a general figure, I would have to find my source again to confirm to grab attention and make an impression with a web page — we have 1. The message is clear: choose wisely. Your site is gorgeous and appears to be the representative of the direction web is going. Keep it up. This article helped convince our clients to be more open minded, thanks so much. Whitespace is the essence of design. I love designing upmarket Websites, sometimes it is more challenging as you have to think more carefully about the position, the size, the spacing, and the content.

But having whitespace, and being able to use it well, can create and transform something completely, and really make it look the part. I have been a web designer for over 2 years now, and since my first website, have come a long long way.

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Its definately all about less is more in upmarket web design. Whitespace is a natural by-product of good typography and information prioritisation. Design that deliberately sets out to use white space is never that successful in my opinion and can suffer from a lack of integrity. I constantly battle to balance usability and design, and hate clutter.

Thanks for a useful and interesting article.

The Great White Space by Basil Copper

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